8 coffees from around the world you may or may not have heard of

Did someone say coffee? Many of us can’t imagine starting the day without a cup of coffee to get us going. According to the British Coffee Association, 95 Million Cups of coffee are drunk every day in the UK.

However, coffee plays an important part in many people’s cultures and people take their coffees in many different ways. As you can see on the map below, people drink coffee all over the world and not in the way you would expect!

What’s in people's mugs around the world?

1. Café de Olla, Mexico

Our whistle-stop coffee journey starts in rural Mexico. Made from a mixture of cinnamon and unrefined cane sugar, this style of coffee is traditionally served black. It can also be served with orange peels, cloves and allspice.

2. Cafezinho, Brazil

If you love a hit of caffeine, then a mug of this will set you up nicely. A staple of Brazil's hospitality, cafezinho is brewed through a special cloth flannel filter and sugar is added to the brewing process early on. Cafezinho is generally served without milk or cream.

3. Kaffeost, Sweden and Finland

This northern Scandinavian tradition may not be to everyone's taste. A cube of leipäjuusto (known as "Finnish squeaky cheese") is added to a coffee mug before pouring. The cheese soaks up the liquid like a sponge for a delicious drink and meal combination. Don't knock it til you try it!

4. Cappuccino, Italy

Although the Italians have invented many ways to enjoy coffee, none are as famous, or should that be infamous, as the cappuccino. The espresso-based brew was first introduced in 17th century Italy.

5. Frappé, Greece

Our journey continues to the warm shores of Greece where frappé are from. This iced coffee was created by chance in 1957 by a coffee salesman. With and the instant coffee and foamed milk mix has been beloved in the region ever since.

6. Arabica, Ethiopia

Known as the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia is one of the largest exporters of coffee and is home to an estimated 6-10,000 varieties of the stuff. The most common of these is Arabica. In Ethiopia, beans are roasted in a pan before being ground and served to friends and family.

7. Ca Phe Da, Vietnam

If you have a sweet tooth, then you'll love Ca Phe Da from Vietnam. Both strong and sweet, this coffee is brewed through a French drip into a cup of ice and condensed milk. Sounds delicious!

8. Flat white, Australia

Our final destination is Down Under where the flat white was first conceived. Similar to a latte, a flat white consists of an espresso shot and microfoam. This Australian speciality has since spread across the world and is enjoyed by many.

Where are all these countries?

Coffee is drunk many different ways across the globe, but do you know how big or small some of these countries are? Would you be able to find where Ca Phe Da is drunk on a map? Why not find it on our World Map mug whilst you are enjoying a cup of coffee the way you like it.

Did you also know? The largest coffee ever made was in Honduras and was over 11 feet or over 3 meters tall! That’s enough coffee to fill over 120,000 Mclaggan mugs!

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