Dive into the world of Bluebellgray: a trip to their colourful studio

We’re big fans of colour here at Mclaggan. And none of our licenced ranges personifies colour quite like Scottish design studio, Bluebellgray, whose signature style is characterised by vibrant prints to add a burst of colour to any space. With our factory just 15 miles from their studio, you might be surprised to know we’ve never actually met in person. The first mugs in our collaboration launched just before the pandemic, and it’s been a hectic few years ever since! So, on a particularly grey and soggy day, I jumped at the chance to finally visit Bluebellgray.

Located in Glasgow’s leafy West End, their studio occupies an otherwise traditional sandstone building. The former bank’s old signage is still visible, adding to its charm. The first hint that you’re in the right place is the striped awning and hot pink door handle. From there, the themed window display draws your eye in and invites you to experience “a life more colour full”, Bluebellgray’s raison d'être.

Once inside, the shop is bursting with life and creativity everywhere you look, showcasing everything from ceramics to cushions, bedding, and stationery. I could easily spend hours poring over the shelves. But first, the purpose of today’s visit: time to discuss everything ceramic. 

A member of the team greets me before I’m led upstairs to the studio, where each Bluebellgray print begins its life. The loftlike room, doubling up as an office and photography set, is every bit as colourful as the shop downstairs. Prints are pinned to every available surface, with piles and piles of fabric swatches dotted about. It was here I met Fi, the founder of Bluebellgray, and Lucy. We’re shortly joined by Susan, business development manager at Mclaggan.

Working with mugs daily, it’s easy to forget that not everyone is as obsessive as we are. Luckily, Fi and Lucy seemed equally enthused. After discussing the existing range, we turned our attention to new ideas: fresh prints, different mug shapes and additional ware. A slightly larger mug was also highlighted as a frequent request and potential future addition. 

After we’ve exhausted the topic of mugs, we head back downstairs for the moment I’ve been eagerly awaiting. Let’s go shopping!

Apart from watercolour prints, which adorn everything from bedding to lampshades, Bluebellgray has earned an enviable reputation for their children’s section and other homewares. It was great to see the mugs in their natural habitat, surrounded by textiles, stationery, and other lovely things.

Before we leave, Fi kindly gifts us a Colomba di Pasqua wrapped in a playful Easter print. The Colomba, otherwise known as an “Easter dove”, is a relative of the popular Panettone. Large enough to share (and the perfect accompaniment to a cuppa), I pack the Colomba in my backpack to share with the rest of the team at our factory.

Overall, a very enjoyable morning. I left Bluebellgray feeling uplifted and brimming with creative energy, the perfect antidote to a dreich Scottish day. From colourful textiles to beautiful bone china mugs (not that we’re biased), Bluebellgray has something for everyone. If you’re ever in Glasgow, a visit to their shop is highly recommended. Or shop the full Bluebellgray mug range online to add some cheer to your morning ritual.

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