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Last Lemon: Cities and Towns Mugs Last Lemon (UK & US registered) creates, manufactures and illustrates mug designs as well as a number of other products. All Last Lemon Mugs can be personalised and customised for your needs. Last Lemon was founded in London in September 1999 and have been creating designs for companies all over the world since their first project “Harold’s Planet”. Over ten years later the brand relocated to Marin County, which is situated above San Francisco. The founders of the company Lisa and Raph both attending university in the UK with Lisa studying Politics and Economics at Oxford University and Ralph studying Law & Economics at the London School of Economics. Both have a keen interest in art and design and Ralphs paintings can be seen at ralphlazar.com.
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I Heart Mugs

MS Mugs do a range of wonderful I Heart Mugs for cities and towns across the UK. See the Last Lemon mugs below for Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Liverpool, Manchester and London.

Last Lemon HP39 I Heart Glasgow mug

Are you looking for a Glasgow mug? At MS mugs we stock a range of Last Lemon Mugs with your cityscapes on them. This excellent design by last lemon features some of Glasgow’s most recognisable landmarks including the Finniston Crane. Our cities and towns mugs are extra special and make great gifts for family and friend who have moved overseas. Sending your loved one a piece of home


Last Lemon HP44 I Heart Edinburgh mug


If you love Edinburgh, then this our “I Heart mugs”  are a must have! This Edinburgh skyline mug features some of The Scottish capitals oldest and most traditional buildings. This would be a great present or homecoming treat after the city’s famous fringe festival. We have seen a lot of “I Heart Edinburgh” gifts but we have seen nothing like this! Last Lemon’s cool design would be a great edition to anyone’s mug collection.

Last Lemon HP45 I Heart Aberdeen mug

Do you love this Scottish city of Aberdeen? This up and coming city is full of students and is becoming one of Scotland’s must visit cities. If you know someone who is moving to Aberdeen University this “I Heart Aberdeen” mug would make a perfect moving home gift. It captures some of Aberdeen’s favourite places and it will make your loved one feel right at home!


Last Lemon HP48 I Heart Manchester mug

Manchester is one of the UK’s busiest cities! If you know a Manchester native that will love this “I Heart Manchester” mug grab it for them today. Why not make it a custom mug! MS Mugs can customise all Last Lemon pieces making it an extra special gift.


Last Lemon HP46 I Heart London mug

We love this “I Heart London Mug”! The famous London skyline is one of the most identifiable in the entire world. Of course, this stunning mug features Big Ben and some of Westminster’s old, traditional buildings. If you are looking to take home a London souvenir, that is made here in the UK, this mug can be yours in 3-5 working days.

Last Lemon HP47 I Heart Liverpool mug


Screen-printed and decorated in the UK Dishwasher resistant and suitable for use in a microwave. This “I Heart Liverpool” skyline mug is made from crisp white bone china. Liverpool is one of the most vibrant cities in the UK and this is one mug that any proud Liverpudlian needs. Are you looking for a Liverpool gift? Order today and it will be with you in 3-5 working days.