Care and Use

How to care for your bone china

We recommend hand washing your bone china as much as possible, although it is perfectly safe to wash in the dishwasher, the lovely screen printed design will last much longer when hand washed.

Dark liquids like tea and coffee can stain bone china, but there is no need to use harsh chemicals. Where possible wash or rinse your mug soon after use to prevent staining. Avoid using scouring pads or abrasive chemicals as this can damage the glaze and lead to more permanent staining.

Most stains can be removed by soaking in warm water before washing, for any tougher to remove stains we recommend soaking in white vinegar. Gently heat one cup of white vinegar and leave to soak for at least two hours, then wash normally with warm soapy water and you should have a sparkling clean mug!


How to avoid thermal shock

A knock can often create a hairline crack and weaken the mug enough to cause it to crack when hot water is added (something known as “thermal shock”).

Where the mug cracks after repeated use, it’s likely due to a knock in use as opposed to a manufacturing defect. If the mug fails the first time, it could be due to a knock in transit or a manufacturing fault.

You can reduce the risk of thermal shock by adding a teaspoon or a splash of cold water or milk before boiling water. You should also avoid washing with boiling or hot water and use lukewarm water instead.


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