Hi, I’m Daisy and I recently had the wonderful opportunity to spend a day at mclaggan+co as part of my work experience program. My goal was to gain a deeper understanding of how marketing contributes to building and sustaining their brand.

During my time at mclaggan+co, I was fortunate to gain invaluable insights into the world of marketing. One of the key aspects I explored was the importance of understanding diverse customer bases and tailoring communications to meet their unique needs. I participated in email marketing, scheduling campaigns to go out to both B2B and B2C customers.

I also discovered the power of social media in building brand awareness and engagement, using platforms like Instagram to showcase their unique designs. It was amazing to see firsthand how strategic posts can boost brand visibility and foster a loyal online community.

Lastly, I had the exciting opportunity to design, print, and decorate some dog bowls, which I then carefully placed in the kiln to be fired overnight. Although mclaggan+co is known for screen printing, they also have a digital ceramic printer for creating short-run or one-off designs. It was great to experience the entire process from start to finish and see my creations come to life!

Overall, this experience has helped my creativity, strategic thinking and understanding of customer dynamics in a competitive market. I would like to thank mclaggan+co for greeting me with warm smiles, making me feel welcome and taking the time to give me a look into their business.

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